Each center must have a plan which will encourage parent participation and inform parents about the program and its services.

The plan must be discussed with parents at the time the child is enrolled and must be posted in the center or a copy must be given to parents at the time of enrollment.

The plan must include at least the following information:

  • a procedure for registering a child for child care which involves both parents when possible and which encourages a visit to the center by the child and the child’s parents before the child begins attending the center
  • opportunities for caregiving staff to meet with parents on a regular basis to discuss their child’s needs and progress and to exchange information about the program
  • activities which provide parents opportunities to participate in the center’s program on an individual basis and as a group
  • a procedure for parents who need information or have complaints about the child care program

In full compliance with NC CHILD CARE RULE 10A NCAC 09 .0515 P, Englewood Baptist Weekday Preschool invites and encourages all parents to participate, as the law and any extenuating circumstances (e.g. COVID-19) allow, in their child’s care and education.  The Scriptures teach that parents are to show themselves in all respects to be models of good works; they are to teach their children with integrity and dignity using sound speech (Titus 2:7-8). It is our pleasure, privilege and obligation to partner with parents in the realization of this biblical teaching.

When parents and caregivers are partners in their day-to-day activities, children thrive. Weekday Preschool staff works in collaboration with parents so that we may offer each other support and insight into the lives of the children and plan and facilitate learning and care experiences that maximize a child’s potential.

Because a child’s identity is rooted in his/her family, there is a level of security that comes with knowing parents and teachers work cooperatively and collaboratively in a spirit and attitude of trust and mutual respect.

Some of the ways Weekday Preschool parents may be involved:

  • Registration: Registration must be completed onsite. When possible, parents are encouraged to bring the child with them so that the full family participates in registration and so that the process of building rapport with the child can begin.
  • Activities and Special Events: Parents are encouraged to participate in and attend center activities and special events. Such events have included “field trips” – onsite experiences such as a visit from a local pumpkin farm, a visit from the local fire department and more. Other opportunities included reading aloud during Read Across America Week and joining Parent Prayer Groups followed by Coffee Klatsches, informal gatherings for coffee and conversation. Parents are invited to share ideas for additional participation opportunities. Parents are invited to meet childcare staff during an annual Open House.
  • Daily Communication with Teachers: Each day, Weekday Preschool children have a unique learning and growing experience, so parents are kept informed of their child’s daily activities. The communication varies by classroom/child age to provide parents meaningful feedback about each day.
  • Regular Communication with the Director: Parents are encouraged to read the parent newsletter, Squiggles & Wiggles.  Previously the newsletter has been emailed to parents. Beginning Summer 2020, the newsletter will be accessible through the Weekday Preschool web pages. Parents are always invited to share questions, concerns, complaints and/or ideas by contacting the director and/or assistant director via text, telephone or email.
  • Drop-In Visits: Our open-door policy means parents and authorized relatives are welcome to visit at any time without an appointment. Many parents who work nearby drop in to have lunch with their little ones. *NOTE: Drop-In visits are not currently allowed under the COVID-19 mandates.
  • Conferences: Enrollment conferences provide an avenue to learn about a child’s wants, needs and stage of development so an appropriate educational program can be planned. During the year, parents are offered an opportunity to have a formal conference with their child’s teacher to delve deeper into the child’s needs. Parents may also request a conference to discuss their child’s progress at any time. Additionally, parents may schedule conferences with the center director or assistant director. Parents are also encouraged to respond to teachers’ requests for conferences.
  • Surveys: Parent surveys help WPS gather information about how well the program is meeting the families’ needs. Survey responses also help identify areas in which Weekday Preschool can work to improve the family experience.