Academic Overview

In addition to that which characterizes most any traditional kindergarten – reading, writing and arithmetic, kindergarten and first grade at King’s Academy include a clear, specific, structured, intentional age-appropriate focus on Christian precepts and principles taken directly from God’s Word, the Bible.

The following will guide instruction at King’s Academy:

The North Carolina Standard Course of Study (NCSCOS) defines the appropriate content standards for each grade to provide a uniform set of learning standards for across schools and classrooms. These standards define what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of each school year or course.
The NC State Board of Education policy, SCOS-012, requires that each content area’s standards be reviewed every five-to-seven years to ensure the NCSCOS consists of clear, relevant standards and objectives. As such, King’s Academy will evaluate each revision to determine continued appropriateness and to plan implementation fidelity so that learning is maximized and accountability is ensured.
King’s Academy teachers and students will also use Tom Ascol’s Truth & Grace Memory Book, a text containing the Baptist version of The Shorter Catechism along with memory verses, hymns and other content intended to strengthen children to love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.
Teachers will use Lifeway’s Ages & Stages: Levels of Biblical Learning as a framework to plan instruction in ten concepts that are the foundation of spiritual growth: God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Bible, Salvation, Creation, Church, People, Family, Community, and World.